Wind Damage

Roof Wind Damage

Expert Wind Damage Repair & Roof Replacements

High winds, not just those associated with major storms, can pose a significant threat to your roof's integrity. Wind damage is one of the most prevalent roofing issues we encounter, and it can often coincide with tree branch damage or water infiltration to create a compounding effect.

Unfortunately, wind damage can be subtle in its presentation.  Homeowners may not be aware of a problem until more serious consequences arise. At Douglas Construction, our team of experienced roofing professionals recommends a thorough inspection following periods of high winds to ensure your roof remains in optimal condition.

Addressing Wind Damage to Your Roof

Signs of Wind Damage

Doing a self-inspection from the ground after heavy winds can help you identify potential roof issues. Clear signs of roof damage include:

  • Raised shingles that don’t sit flush with the roof
  • Missing shingles
  • Broken seals and loosened nails

Professional Roof Inspection

Some forms of wind damage may be difficult to detect and should be assessed by a qualified roofing professional. Our team are trained to find hard to detect wind damage such as:

  • Wind creased shingles
  • Underlying structural damage
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