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    Premier Residential Roof Repair In Atlanta

    Now that you've experienced the installation of a high-quality and resilient roof, it might be tempting to believe that its durability ensures worry-free decades ahead. While this often holds true, and many roofs do endure the lifespan of your home, their longevity is further enhanced through consistent upkeep. Recognize that preserving your new roof's integrity entails periodic investment in professional roof repair services.

    Dedicated to comprehensive roofing solutions, Douglas Construction stands as your local roof repair specialist, proudly serving the Atlanta Metro Area. Our expert roofers excel in conducting meticulous assessments and offering transparent insights into whether your roof requires repair. Grasping the condition of your roof demands specialized skills and tools, underscoring the importance of entrusting this responsibility to seasoned professionals who safeguard your home against the elements.

    Looking for top quality roof repair? Connect with our Atlanta roofing professionals today, and we'll undertake a thorough roof assessment to unveil concealed leaks or absent panels that could compromise your roof's strength and reliability.

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    Choose Atlanta's Top Roofing Experts for Unrivaled Quality and Service! With a proven track record in delivering exceptional roofing solutions, our skilled team at Douglas Construction ensures lasting results. From repair to replacement, our expertise shines through in every project. Elevate your home's protection and curb appeal today – Contact us for unmatched roofing excellence!

    Roof Repair Specialists in Atlanta

    Got a roofing problem? Give Douglas Construction in Atlanta, GA, a call today to fix it up!

    Atlanta Roof Repairs & Damage
    Every homeowner will have to deal with roof repairs at one point or another. Your roof is an important structural element of your house and requires continual care and maintenance. If you have roof damage in Atlanta, GA, give Douglas Construction a call.

    We can help assess and fix any roof damage, no matter the cause.

    Looking for roof replacement services? We’ve got that covered too!

    Common Roof Repair Issues

    Georgia gets all kinds of extreme weather that can lead to a wide range of roof repair issues. Here are some of the most common reasons for roof repair in Atlanta, GA. 

    Missing Shingles

    Rain and winds can rip shingle nails out of the roofing foundation and blow them off your roof. Missing shingles are very common after severe storms and other rainy or windy weather and can lead to leaks and higher energy bills. 


    Leaks are one of the most serious roof problems because they can rot wood, leading to large-scale damage. Patching leaks involves closing any holes and replacing affected shingles. Roof leaks can also cause damage to your walls and ceiling, so it's important to fix them quickly. 

    Structural Damage

    Atlanta has a lot of trees, so homeowners need to watch out for falling trunks and branches during storms. Tree branches and trunks, along with other falling objects, can cause serious damage to your roof’s structural elements. 

    Broken Gutters

    Gutters serve to redirect water flow away from your roof to prevent water damage. Heavy winds, storms, and other inclement weather can clog gutters or knock them loose. Broken gutters can lead to water damage and missing shingles. 

    Roof Repair vs. Replacement

    Generally speaking, customers favor roof repair over replacement because it is much less expensive and does not require as much work. However, you will eventually need to replace your roof, no matter how well you take care of it. If you have a roof older than 15 years old, you may want to consider a replacement. 

    Replacement may be the more cost-effective option compared to frequent repairs. If you have a newer roof, then repairs are most often the best option. Keeping your new roof in good condition with regular maintenance and repairs can increase its lifespan by 10+ years! 

    Roof Repair in Atlanta, GA

    Roof issues tend to fester and can develop into costly repairs. It’s in your best interest to get them fixed before your wallet takes a hit. 

    Our team of expert technicians are GAF Master Elite certified, so you can have confidence that your residence or business is in good hands. 

    Don’t hesitate to call an expert like Douglas Construction for all your roofing repair needs. A technician will be there to inspect your roof within 24 hours of your call. We also offer storm damage repair, so give us a call!

    If you require expert roof repair services in Atlanta, GA, contact Douglas Construction online or call them at (833) 895-7663 today to schedule a free consultation!


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      • Excellent service from Douglas Construction!! We had hail damage, new roof required, insurance covered. It was really easy working with Rome, from start to finish. He is very professional and courteous! During roof install day, Jonathan and his crew were great! They came with a big crew early in the morning and got the roof installed in 1 day! Thanks for a great experience! The roof looks wonderful!

        -Zeb Lau
      • Since moving to GA, I've dealt with a lot of contractors & carpenters. In most cases, I've been disappointed with the results. However, working with Douglas Construction has been my best experience thus far. I was impressed with their professional & authentic marketing, their prompt & knowledgeable sales approach, and the overall quality of the installation. If you need a roof, call Douglas.

        -Aaron Peters
      • We had a great experience with Douglas Construction Company. They are very professional. We had storm damage and Hayden took care of everything, and was present at every step of the process. He gave us a free roof inspection, communicated with the insurance company, and before we knew it we had new high quality gutters and a beautiful new roof. We couldn’t have asked for more!

        -Todd Penny
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