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What Is Flashing On a Roof? A Guide For Atlanta Homeowners

what is flashing on a roof

What is flashing on a roof? Most roofing systems include a section of roof flashing, though many Atlanta homeowners are unfamiliar with how flashing protects their roofs. 

Below, Douglas Construction’s roof repair experts in Atlanta examine roof flashing in-depth.

What Is Flashing On a Roof?

Roof flashing is a thin sheet of metal designed to redirect water away from vulnerable areas on the roof. Professional roofers will choose materials for this function that readily resist corrosion and other damage. That’s why even a simple piece of flashing can effectively prevent water from seeping into areas where roofing shingles meet raised structures, as with chimneys and walls.

Can homeowners avoid installing flashing with metal roofs? No, all types of roofing materials will require these flashing components to protect the roof’s vulnerable areas from water damage.

Types of Roof Flashing

Reputable Atlanta roofers use four common types of flashing for construction and roofing projects.

  • Valley flashing: Contractors measure and cut a metal strip to fit into the roof creases between rises and peaks.
  • Apron flashing: Roofers shape the flashing into an “L.” It can be up to 14 feet in length. 
  • Counter flashing: Contractors fold the edges of the flashing material over the vulnerable area. The folded section remains visible.
  • Step flashing: Roofers install this flashing after each row of shingle installation. It gets its name from the “step-by-step” installation technique.

How do contractors choose a flashing style? Typically, the decision falls on the perceived vulnerability of the roof and the overall roofing plan.

Recommended Flashing Materials

When properly maintained, flashing materials will last years without needing replacement. But what is flashing on a roof made of? Property owners choose one of three materials in Atlanta:

  • Aluminum: As the cheapest option, it will erode quicker than the other options.
  • Steel: Steel flashing is slightly more expensive but still fits most budgets and boasts greater durability. 
  • Copper: Copper is the most visually appealing option and the most expensive one.

Professional Services To Preserve Flashing

Atlanta homeowners battle a constant barrage of humidity, rain, and heat, all elements that impact the lifespan of a roof. Thankfully, the following recommendations can improve the roof flashing’s chances:

  • Quality. Experienced roofers recommend steel or copper for lasting durability and continuous leak protection. Aluminum will readily rust and require replacement services.
  • Attention. Atlanta property owners should self-inspect the roof if they can safely do so every other month or immediately following severe weather. 
  • Maintenance: Annual roof inspections from a local roofing contractor in Atlanta, Georgia, allows repairs on the spot before they become expensive.

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What is flashing on a roof worth to you? Find out how to extend the life of your roof with quality roofing services in Atlanta, Georgia, from Douglas Construction—call today!

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