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What Happens If Your Roof Fails Insurance Inspection?

what happens if a roof fails inspection

Is your roof undergoing an inspection it might not pass? You're probably wondering, "What happens if a roof fails inspection?"

Douglas Construction, your roof repair experts in Atlanta, GA, explains what to do if a roof fails inspection.

Why Schedule a Roof Inspection?

If your roof recently suffered damage, don't immediately call your insurance provider. Here are four reasons to complete a roof inspection before calling your insurance company to file a claim.

1. Streamline the Claim Process

Insurance claims are complicated. If you file them incorrectly, you might not receive proper payment. Roofers work directly with insurance companies to outline all the roof damage. Even if you can handle the claim, a roofer can help streamline the process.

2. You Get Expert Analysis from Roofers

Despite common assumptions, insurance adjusters are not experts in assessing roof damage. When a roofing contractor inspects your roof, they determine an accurate view of the damage and how much work it will take to repair it. This prevents the insurance adjuster from favoring their bottom line over yours.

3. Filing Might Not Be Worth It

Your insurance policy might not cover certain types of roof damage. When you file an unnecessary or ineffective claim, your insurance rates can increase. If your inspector can offer other solutions to repair the damage, you might save money.

4. You Can Avoid Traps

Giving an insurance adjuster the wrong information means trouble. To avoid accidental misinformation, you must know for sure when the damage occurred and what caused it. A roofing expert verifies that the information you present to the insurance company is 100% accurate.

Why Your Roof Might Fail

The most common cause of a failed inspection is structural issues.

Structural problems with roofs go beyond damage from mold or termites. They're the result of improper installation or poorly executed repairs. 

When your roof is structurally unsound, it causes roof leaks and missing shingles. The cost of repairs for structural issues is higher than most maintenance issues, and insurance may not cover it.

What Happens If a Roof Fails Inspection in Atlanta?

After the failed inspection, your insurance company could take several different actions.

Repair Requests

In the best-case scenario, your insurer will only suspend your insurance coverage until you fix your roof. They might give you a deadline and other conditions, but a qualified roofer can repair the damage, and then you can reactivate your insurance coverage.

New Policy Exclusions

Your insurer might narrow the scope of your policy. For example, they may insure only the top layer of shingles or continue to insure the rest of the house other than the roof.

Insurance Cancellation

If your roof is heavily damaged or over 20 years old, your insurer might cancel your policy outright. This option is the worst-case scenario and occurs most often in the case of vandalism or severe neglect.

Call Douglas Construction for All Your Roofing Needs in Atlanta

What happens if a roof fails inspection? Now you know! If you have questions to ask a roofing contractor, Douglas Construction is here to help. Reach out today to schedule a roof inspection.

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