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Six Most Common Gutter Problems and How To Fix Them

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A working gutter system is essential for every property, especially in wet-weather locations like Atlanta, Georgia. It keeps water away from your home's foundation and prevents major basement flooding. Douglas Construction’s trusted roof repair contractors in Atlanta share six common gutter problems below so that you know when to schedule professional and affordable roofing services.

Signs of Gutter Problems With Tips To Keep Them in Top Condition

Do you examine your gutter system from time to time? Cleaning your gutters two times a year is essential. Roofing experts like Douglas Construction also recommend addressing slope problems and storm damage in a timely manner to prevent the need for an early replacement.

Here are six signs that your gutters need some professional attention:

#1 Incorrect Gutter Slope

Gutters pool water at the lowest point. Faulty sloping puts much strain on your gutters as they’re not made for pooling. They need to channel the water, which should continue to flow in the direction of the downspouts, and if that’s not the case, you might be looking at an improper gutter slope.

Roofing experts understand that it's all about finding the right balance—not too steep or too flat. Hiring a professional to fix sloping problems is crucial. It’s also best to resolve the issue long before the next storm hits.

#2 Blocked or Obstructed Gutters

What’s one of the most common issues with gutters? Obstructions that prevent proper water drainage, often due to the following:

  • Nesting. Small animals and birds nest in gutters for the water and debris. Not only does this create problems with your gutter's function, but it also can bring in bugs and mosquitoes with the standing water on hand for them to drink.
  • Debris. As leaves and other debris spread, they quickly build up and clog gutters and downspouts. This prevents the normal flow of water and could cause water damage that needs repairs or expensive replacements.

Cleaning your gutters once during the springtime and once fall can tackle these blockages and reveal problems hiding underneath the debris. Why not hire a professional to perform regular maintenance to keep your roof and gutter system in check?

#3 Damaged, Cracked, or Broken Gutters

Do you notice any damage or vulnerabilities in your gutter system? Cracks are common gutter problems, but also the most preventable issues. 

Hiring a reliable, experienced professional to install top-quality gutters is a good place to start. If the damage is only in one portion of your gutters, you can disconnect it and patch up the holes with sealant or replace the section. However, every section of the gutter must be intact, so if things look beyond repair, you'll need to replace the entire gutter system.

#4 Loose Spikes and Joints

Gutter spikes attach to the fascia, but can pull out after a while. Similarly, you may notice joint connections failing and sagging. 

The best way to resolve issues with spikes and joints is to call a local gutter specialist in case there are other problems at play.

#5 Plant Growth in the Gutters

Are you noticing new plant life growing in your gutter system? When plant matter composts and seeds travel through the air into your gutters, plants pop up in your gutters. 

If you don’t schedule a professional to thoroughly clean out the gutters twice a year, you’ll have heavy and compromised gutters that don’t last long.

#6 Sagging Gutters

Gutters that get lower and lower over time are a problem. Sagging happens with loose connections or excessive weight and puts your gutters at risk of collapse. If they cannot properly drain, the excess water in your gutter system could also leak or compromise your home's foundation. 

Professionals will use high-quality hardware to rehang your gutter system for a snug and stable fit. However, you don't wait to address these problems with your gutters. If they're sagging, pulling away from your house or each other, or looking precarious, call for help!

Schedule Professional Roof Repair Services in Atlanta, Georgia, With Douglas Construction

These six common gutter problems are only the start of what your gutters and roof may have to face over the years. Why not read about how to extend the life of your roof and protect your investment? Residents of Atlanta, Georgia, also turn to the professionals at Douglas Construction for top-tier roof repair and replacement services in the area. 

Resolve problems with your roof the right way—contact Douglas Construction in Atlanta or Buford, Georgia, for a quote!

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