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5 Signs of A Bad Roofing Contractor You Should Avoid

Bad Roofing Contractor

5 Signs of A Bad Roofing Contractor You Should Avoid

Bad Roofing Contractor

Your roof protects your home or business from the elements, weather, and animals, and it only takes one bad roofing contractor to weaken that protection.

Our roof contractors have the experience to produce high-quality home roofing and excellent commercial roofing in Atlanta by Douglas Construction. Our skill and training allow us to recognize substandard roof work, but if you’ve never worked with a roofing company, you may not recognize inexperience or shoddy work.

Avoid a bad roofing job with these five signs of a bad roofing contractor.

1. You Can’t Find the Roofing Company Online

Quality roofing companies proudly show off their website and online reviews on Google, social media, or other review sites. If you can’t find online information about a roofing company, they may be avoiding issues with other customers or hiding the fact that they do not have a roofing license or insurance.

2. The Roofing Company Can’t Provide Their License or Insurance Information

A roofing company that can’t show you a valid license and up-to-date insurance information isn’t qualified to work on your home. Don’t feel guilty asking for proof of a license and insurance. A good roofing company will recognize that you are doing your due diligence.

3. The Contractors Reschedule Your Roof Repair or Replacement Multiple Times

When you have to wait for roof repairs, the damaged area has time to worsen and grow. Roof replacement delay puts your entire home or building in danger, sometimes to the point of a roof collapse. If your contractor delays your roof repair or replacement multiple times, you need to call a legitimate roofing company.

4. The Roofing Contractors Only Perform Roof Installations, Not Repairs

Good contractors are always willing to stand by their work. If you’re working with a bad roofing company, they could install your new roof but refuse to discuss or perform repairs once they’ve finished the job.

5. You Have Difficulties Discussing the Roofing Process With Them

If your roofing contractor won’t answer questions about their process, they may be hiding information from you. Bad roofing contractors cut corners by using low-quality materials or skipping proper installation procedures to complete your roof for a higher profit on their end.

How Can You Avoid Bad Roofing Contractors?

The easiest way to avoid a bad roofing job is to do your research. Take time to find a good, well-reviewed company online that keeps their appointments and is happy to comply with your requests for licensure, insurance, and process review. Whether you’re re-roofing your home or business, it’s important to recognize these five signs of a bad roofing contractor you should avoid.

Is your commercial building in need of roof repairs or replacement? Learn more about the commercial roofing problems you might encounter.

For roof repair and replacement you can count on in Marietta, GA, call Douglas Construction at (833) 689-1639.

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    • Excellent service from Douglas Construction!! We had hail damage, new roof required, insurance covered. It was really easy working with Rome, from start to finish. He is very professional and courteous! During roof install day, Jonathan and his crew were great! They came with a big crew early in the morning and got the roof installed in 1 day! Thanks for a great experience! The roof looks wonderful!

      -Zeb Lau
    • Since moving to GA, I've dealt with a lot of contractors & carpenters. In most cases, I've been disappointed with the results. However, working with Douglas Construction has been my best experience thus far. I was impressed with their professional & authentic marketing, their prompt & knowledgeable sales approach, and the overall quality of the installation. If you need a roof, call Douglas.

      -Aaron Peters
    • We had a great experience with Douglas Construction Company. They are very professional. We had storm damage and Hayden took care of everything, and was present at every step of the process. He gave us a free roof inspection, communicated with the insurance company, and before we knew it we had new high quality gutters and a beautiful new roof. We couldn’t have asked for more!

      -Todd Penny
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