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Is a Drip Edge Necessary on Your Atlanta Roof?

is a drip edge necessary on a roof

If you're installing or replacing your roof in Atlanta, GA, you might hear about the structure needing a drip edge. So, is a drip edge necessary on a roof, or is it optional? Here's what Atlanta's roof repair experts have to say about drip edges. 

What To Know About Drip Edges for Atlanta Roofs

Drip edges are a lesser-known waterproofing method for roofing systems. They're a type of metal flashing that helps rainwater flow off of the roof and into the gutters. Drip edges are optional for some roofing systems but essential for others.

Drip Edge Purpose

With a drip edge redirecting water into the gutters, the shingles along the roof's edge are less likely to leak. If moisture gets under the shingles, it can bypass the gutters and get into the fascia board and roof decking, leading to mold and rot. Even if a residential roof doesn't have a gutter system, the drip edge will keep rainwater from flowing down the fascia. 

Drip edges also protect roofs from the effects of wind during a rain storm. Heavy winds can push water around a roofing structure. Through the shingles and underlayments help shield the structure's decking and the inside of the house, wind can easily push water up exposed roof edges. With a drip edge hanging about two inches off the roof's edge, wind can't move water under the shingles along the edge of the building. 

Building Code Requirements

According to Section R905.2.8.5 of the latest iteration of the International Residential Code, Georgia mandates houses include drip edges on their asphalt shingle roofs. The state code took effect at the beginning of 2014 and applies to new and replacement residential roof coverings.

Before 2014, building codes for Atlanta didn't require drip edges on roofs unless roofing manufacturers required the flashing for installation purposes. Considering the state's current mandates, the answer to, "Is a drip edge necessary on a roof in Atlanta?" is yes.

Materials and Profile Types

Drip edges for many Atlanta homes consist of durable plastic, fiberglass, vinyl, or metal. Building codes require the material to have corrosion resistance. Common drip edges are:

  • Copper: Copper drip edges must be at least 20 ounces. 
  • Aluminum: This metal isn't as durable as others, but it has great corrosion resistance. Aluminum is also available in many colors to match any roof or house color. 
  • Galvanized Steel: 24-gauge galvanized steel is perfect for resisting corrosion and intense winds.

Roofing contractors can install one of three types of drip edge flashing. The most common style in Atlanta is the class L-shape, with a 90-degree curve and bottom flange.

Turn to Douglas Construction for Your Atlanta Roofing Needs

Now that you know the answer to, "Is a drip edge necessary on a roof?" you can rely on Douglas Construction to address your roofing concerns. As a professional, top-rated roofing contractor serving Atlanta, GA, their team offers everything from residential and commercial roof replacement to roof repairs that will extend the life of your roof.

Learn other ways you can improve your roofing system by contacting Douglas Construction today.

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