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How To Remove Algae From Your Atlanta Roof

remove algae from roof

Atlanta experiences 90-degree summer highs with almost 15 hours of direct sunlight and five inches of rainfall hitting the peaks of homes. While this may seem harmless, these factors create the ideal environment for algae growth. Aside from being unsightly, it promotes roof deterioration, making identification as important as knowing how to remove algae from rooftop surfaces. 

From fungi removal to expert roof repairs in Atlanta, GA, Douglas Construction's GAF-certified team offers 100% customer satisfaction, so reach out. They'll explain the reasons for algae growth, how to remove it, and ways to prevent its return.

Is Algae Growing on Your Rooftop?

Algae growth originates from airborne spores that spread quickly among nearby surfaces. Between heavy winds and birds that carry these spores, they can also travel further, latching on to roofing materials. They’re especially evident on asphalt due to the sandpaper-like surface, which makes it easier for spores to stick. In addition, the limestone makeup feeds them, allowing them to flourish. 

However, many mistake algae for another growth. Algae looks like dark streaks that are flush to your Atlanta roof; if your rooftop has a fuzzy green substance a few inches thick, you likely have moss rather. Also, you shouldn’t mistake it for mold, which similarly appears as black-green stains, so call an expert to identify the culprit. 

How Can You Remove the Algae Safely?

Since mold exposure proves toxic to human health and climbing on your roof is dangerous without the proper equipment, professionals suggest leaving inspections and removals to the experts. A qualified Atlanta, GA, contractor will use a spray solution that may take three to six months to eradicate the issue but proves the safest for your roofing material. 

To remove algae from rooftops faster, experts will mix equal parts of oxygen bleach and water and spray it over affected areas. After 30 minutes, the algae should lift, and they'll use a blower to remove it. You should also cover your lawn, flower beds, and other areas below to prevent anything, from bleach to fungus spores, from affecting the greenery; carefully spray and remove the covering afterward. 

What Are Some Methods to Preventing Future Growth?

After all this, the last thing you want is to do it again. So, consider keeping your roof surfaces clean of leaves and guck that trap moisture and encourage algae growth. That means:

  • Trimming back overhead foliage and low-hanging branches
  • Blowing debris off the surface, especially in the fall
  • Repositioning drain spouts so they lead water away from your roof rather than over it
  • Cleaning the gutters regularly

Call Douglas Construction in Atlanta for Top-Rated, 24/7 Services!

If you’re not wondering how to remove algae from rooftops, your improper maintenance can lead to you asking instead, “What happens if your roof fails an insurance inspection?” 

Rather than allow algae to deteriorate your shingles and roof’s wooden structure, contact Douglas Construction in Atlanta, GA. For adequate safety precautions, state-of-the-art equipment, and an A+ BBB rating, contact them for a free estimate and five-star services!

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