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How Long Does It Take To Repair a Roof in Atlanta, GA?

how long does it take to repair a roof

Every roof type has a different life expectancy rate, depending on its materials and surroundings. For instance, asphalt lasts 15 to 20 years, while clay and cement last 50 to 100 with proper care. Similarly, rooftops that receive higher winds and more extreme temperatures need repairs more often than ones in subtler climates, but when you finally need a repair, how long does it take to repair a roof?

Just like roof lifespans, repair durations depend on their type. No one knows that better than Douglas Construction, Atlanta’s reliable roof repair service team. They have years of experience in this and surrounding Georgia areas, so count on their GAF-certified roofers to relay top repairs and how long they take.

Atlanta Flashing Repair

One of the simplest rooftop tasks includes flashing repair. Flashing comprises protective metal sheets that cover where the chimney and rooftop meet. This seal bars water and outdoor temperature leaks, but hail, debris, or other factors cause dents and cracks that render it inefficient. 

Replacing the flashing takes one visit that lasts up to two hours, but if on a steep slope, it can take slightly longer. With a professional job, your new flashing should last up to three decades. 

Gutter Repairs in Atlanta

Your gutters drain water and debris from the rooftop, but if they become clogged, cracks, broken seams, and other wear and tear span the gutter and downspout surfaces. Worse yet, water backs up, causing fungal growth and additional weight that weakens the roof. Whether you need new drop outlets, diverters, or slip joints, an expert unclogs and repairs the section in three hours or less. 

Shingle Repairs

How long does it take to repair a roof with shingles? Like gutter services, shingle repairs in Atlanta, GA, require a medium-difficulty level service that lasts one to four hours. Service duration depends on a few factors, such as:

  • How much surface area does the damages span
  • The materials the roofer works with (asphalt is easier to use than concrete or slate tiles)

Repairs also come in different forms. Sometimes, current shingles need removing if storm damage has caused warping, snapping, or cracking. Otherwise, if storms have completely detached them from the rooftop, the professional only has to install new ones in their place.  

Pipe Boot Replacement

Pipe boots, which comprise metal, plastic, or rubber composite, clear the gap between pipes or furnace exhausts and the rooftop. A rubber flange creates a water-tight seal over the part, and a metal piece protects the seal. But if the elements compromise this, water damage occurs in your roof decking and home’s interior. 

It shouldn’t take more than an hour to bond a pipe boot replacement to the equipment. 

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Unfortunately, plenty more can go wrong with your rooftop, leaving you wondering what repairs you need and “How long does it take to repair a roof?” From a broken roof tile to damaged sidings, trust the licensed and insured Douglas Construction team in Atlanta, GA, for fast and effective solutions. Contact them for a free estimate!

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    • Excellent service from Douglas Construction!! We had hail damage, new roof required, insurance covered. It was really easy working with Rome, from start to finish. He is very professional and courteous! During roof install day, Jonathan and his crew were great! They came with a big crew early in the morning and got the roof installed in 1 day! Thanks for a great experience! The roof looks wonderful!

      -Zeb Lau
    • Since moving to GA, I've dealt with a lot of contractors & carpenters. In most cases, I've been disappointed with the results. However, working with Douglas Construction has been my best experience thus far. I was impressed with their professional & authentic marketing, their prompt & knowledgeable sales approach, and the overall quality of the installation. If you need a roof, call Douglas.

      -Aaron Peters
    • We had a great experience with Douglas Construction Company. They are very professional. We had storm damage and Hayden took care of everything, and was present at every step of the process. He gave us a free roof inspection, communicated with the insurance company, and before we knew it we had new high quality gutters and a beautiful new roof. We couldn’t have asked for more!

      -Todd Penny
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