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Does Home Insurance Cover Wind Damage to Roofs in Atlanta, GA?

A roof with wind damage covered by a tarp

You need to protect your home from any unforeseen circumstances like robberies or storm damage. This begs the question: does home insurance cover wind damage to roofs? The Atlanta roof repair experts at Douglas Construction answer this question in the guide below. 

How Wind Impacts Roofs in Atlanta

Strong sun rays, rain, and hail can all wreak havoc on roofs. However, strong winds can be among the most damaging types of weather since they can lift shingles from the roof to expose the underlayment. In some circumstances, wind could even topple trees onto the roof. You'll likely need to undergo roof repairs, but if the damage is severe enough, roof replacement may be necessary. 

Does home insurance cover wind damage to roofs? In most cases, yes. Insurance policies typically cover roof damage from winds weaker than 74 miles per hour, which is tropical storm strength. 

If you make an insurance claim for wind damage, experts will have to assess your roof to determine the amount of damage. Your insurance claim for roof damage could result in thousands of dollars to cover the necessary repairs. 

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof After Wind Damage?

Say you have a few missing shingles on your roof after a strong wind storm. For peace of mind and a new exterior, you prefer replacing the entire roof only to discover the insurance company doesn't offer replacement cost coverage. Why are some Atlanta homeowners able to replace their roofs after filing an insurance claim?

Insurance companies offer coverage based on the amount of damage the roof incurs and assess how the wear and tear affects the roof's lifespan. If your roof is 15 years old and experiences both wind and hail damage after a storm, repairs may not be enough to extend the structure's lifespan much longer. In this case, an adjuster could recommend replacement as the best option and extend the coverage so it includes replacement costs. 

One notable exception when insurers will pay for a roof replacement instead of repairs is if your roofing materials aren't available. In other words, if you need to replace patches of black shingles on your roof but the only available color is brown, insurance companies will cover the cost so the materials match and replace all of your black shingles. 

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Roof Damage

You know the answer to, "Does home insurance cover wind damage to roofs?" but you're probably wondering how much an insurance company will pay to repair the damage. This depends on the type of insurance policy you have. Insurance companies offer two distinct types of policies that determine your payout:

  • Actual Cash Value policy: An ACV policy pays out what your roof is worth at the time you file the claim. It's typically enough to cover repairs for a portion of the roof, but you'll likely have to cover the remainder of the costs for replacement yourself. 
  • Replacement Cost Value policy: RCV policies cover the cost of replacing your current roof exactly the way it was, meaning you can't use it to replace a shingle roof with a metal one. Companies will first pay the actual cash value and then write a second check once you show proof of replacement.

How To Spot Signs of Wind Damage on Your Roof

Not only does home insurance cover wind damage to roofs, but companies can also cover the cost of repairing hail, water, and fire damage. How will you know when it's time to file a claim for your Atlanta home? Check your roof after any extreme weather event to look for visible damage. 

High winds may tear off shingles or cause them to lift and curl. A roofing expert can inspect the structure and let you know if repairs are necessary. They can also look for evidence of hail damage, which is difficult for homeowners to spot but can lead to roof leaks. 

Keep in mind that curling shingles are common if contractors don't install your roof properly. If your roof damage is due to poor installation practices, you won't be able to file an insurance claim for repairs. 

Contact Douglas Construction for Quality Roofing Services in Atlanta

After reading this post, you no longer need to wonder, "Does home insurance cover wind damage to roofs?" For the answer to other questions like, "What is the best roof coating for shingles?" reach out to the roofing experts at Douglas Construction. Contact their specialists today to schedule roof repair or replacement for your Atlanta home. 

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