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Can a Broken Roof Tile Cause a Leak in Your Atlanta Home?

can a broken roof tile cause a leak

As more Atlanta area homeowners choose clay or concrete tiles for their roofs, questions about maintenance and repairs are also increasing. Douglas Construction, the top provider of reliable roof repair in Atlanta, receives many inquiries about the durability of roofing materials. One question many homeowners ask is, “Can a broken roof tile cause a leak?”

The short answer is“yes,” broken roof tiles can contribute to several concerns, including leaks that lead to water damage inside the home and widespread structural damage to the roof, and more. Knowing the signs and effects of tile damage and when to have the roof inspected by a professional can prevent small problems from becoming more significant and save homeowners money and hassles. 

How Broken Tiles Affect Your Atlanta Home 

Even when a roof tile is still in place and largely intact, the damage creates an entry point for water. The damage might be barely visible, such as a small crack, but anytime it rains, water can infiltrate the split. Eventually, this can cause the tile to split, and when water penetrates the rest of the roof, the wood roof deck can rot, or nails can rust or wear away. 

It’s not just cracks that make the answer to “Can a broken roof tile cause a leak?” a resounding “Yes.” When the structure holding the roof tiles in place weakens, the damaged tile and those surrounding it can slip out of place and create gaps that increase moisture exposure and the likelihood of a roof leak. Sometimes the tiles can even fall off, leaving spaces that are almost guaranteed to result in a leak. 

What Causes Roof Tiles to Crack and Break?

Extreme weather isn’t unusual in Atlanta, with heavy rains and strong winds battering roofs regularly. Although roofing tiles can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance, regular exposure to wild weather can take its toll. It’s not uncommon for flying debris like tree branches to land on the roof and cracks or chips in tiles, for example, or for a severe storm to loosen tiles.

The potential for the elements to cause widespread damage to a tile roof means homeowners should have a roof contractor inspect the tiles and overall structure after weather events, even if there isn’t any visible damage. Even a hairline crack can become a big problem if not fixed promptly.

Let Douglas Construction Repair and Maintain Your Tile Roof 

When a roofing contractor like Douglas Construction finds problems with a tile roof, it’s often possible to replace a single tile or just a few tiles if they have damage. However, neglecting the roof or putting off repairs often leads to more damage that may require replacing the entire roof to prevent further problems. If you suspect damage to your Atlanta area roof or have more questions about can a broken roof tile cause a leak or repairing a roof with two layers of shingles, get in touch with Douglas Construction today for an inspection and repairs.

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